Cliquish® is not only good, but now it’s LIVE

Cliquish® is not only good, but now it’s LIVE!

Over the weekend, nearly 100 female content creators who support Cliquish®, came out to celebrate the launch of the brands online platform at EvolveHer for “The Ultimate Braunch Party”.

The event hosted many firsts from Cliquish® including: a first look into the re-designed Cliquish® website, a first look into the new Cliquish® ShowCast (which was taped LIVE at the event), and we’re pretty sure they’re the first to use the term “braunch”! Braunch meaning a brunch plus a launch *wink*. 

Over Brunch:

Over brunch, attendees got a private experience and exclusive first look at the newly designed and relaunched platform, as well as the Cliquish Membership Club, which aims to connect the Cliquish® Instagram community and live event community in one location. Through the Cliquish Membership Club, members pay a membership fee (only $7) and have access to new monthly courses, a 24/7 network of creatives, use of the free downloadable resource tools, periodical brand deals, a members locator tool used to connect and collaborate, and so much more! Attendees also used this time to connect, capture content, and catch up with #CliquishFriends!

Sipping Mimosas:

While sipping mimosas, attendees also got to be in the audience for the first ever LIVE taping of the Cliquish® ShowCast”: When Being Cliquish® is Good. The show, as a newly launched extension of the brand, aims to champion real conversations that foster community, friendship, and ultimately remind us that every woman should have her own clique. It’s hosted by emmy-award winning journalist Allie Pierce who is the shows official host. 

During the live taping, Alle sat down with Cliquish® 's Founder, Taylar Barrington-Booker where they dove into the inspiration behind Taylar’s entrepreneurial career, the creation of the membership platform and the plans for Cliquish®.

While you’re going to have to wait until this episode of the ShowCast is released to get all of the details, just a few of the many gems shared during the tapping was how Cliquish® aims to connect women creatives across the country, provide them with the resources needed to reach their business goals, and the many new experiences Cliquish® has in the works. Check out this episode when it airs on Thursday, August 29, 2019 on the Cliquish® YouTube channel or audio-only on all podcast platforms! 

Wrap Up:

Aside from leaving the event feeling inspired and empowered, attendees also got a major surprise: a complimentary one month membership to the Cliquish® Membership Club plus, super amazing gift bags with goodies from Flint, Talking out of Turn, Yulip, and Maelle Beauty among many more!

If you missed this event, you too can view the new Cliquish® online platform by heading over to, and checking out Cliquish®’s YouTube for ShowCast updates and to catch the latest episode.

Sign up today to be a member of the Cliquish Membership Club for just $7! Check out all of the member perks and so much more at


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