5 Takeaways from Cliquish® Presents: NetworkIn Powered by LinkedIn

A Recap of Lessons Learned From the Panel and LinkedIn Pros

Founded in 2018, Cliquish® launched as an education destination for the entrepreneurial development of women content creators, bloggers and vloggers. The brand has impacted more than 10,000 content creators globally as it continues to streamline educational efforts through expert-led digital classrooms, live learning and social events, national conferences, peer-to-peer interviews, and a robust community for the new wave of digital women leaders.

Over 150 content creators were present at the first collaborative event between Cliquish® and LinkedIn in Chicago on Thursday, July 11, 2019. The program, titled NetworkIn, taught attendees how to leverage the professional social networking site LinkedIn for their entrepreneurial benefit.

After guests helped themselves to Insta-worthy photo booths (courtesy of Lil Epic Design), glasses of SOCIAL Sparkling Wine, makeup touch-up’s at the Maelle Beauty counter, complimentary headshots by James Limitless, and an event gift box including brands like Snackapade, Grow Fragrance and Amika, Cliquish® got down to business.

With a workshop hosted by LinkedIn Rock Your Profile Pro’s and a panel from Chicago brand leaders, insider tips and tricks were given to Cliquish® attendee’s on how to go about networking to optimize business opportunity and growth. Kris Christian (Founder of Chicago French Press), Crystal B. Peters (Brand Manager for Amika), Shirley Yang (Founder of Muses), and Kelsey Reitz (Founder of Maelle Beauty) joined Panel Moderator Britt Lathrece and Event Host Catt Kennebeck to share how they’ve used online and offline networking to scale their personal brands and business.

Here are a few key takeaways from the program:

Having A Comprehensive and Complete Profile Is Key to Establishing Credibility as a Thought Leader

While this tip may seem simple, most people do not have a complete and comprehensive profile established on LinkedIn. What does a complete profile have? A summary, title, links to a website and other social media profiles, a headshot (which attendees received for free from James Limitless), work and project history, and a completed skills section. The ability to fill in all of the sections that LinkedIn asks you to complete helps you to establish credibility in your industry, and can give your connections more information about you and your brand.

Bonus points go to those who can add other accomplishments and accolades to their profile, like past projects completed and those who associate themselves with certain “groups” or “follows” on LinkedIn (like giving Cliquish® a follow on LinkedIn). The more comprehensive you make your profile, the more visible you will be on the platform to those outside of your immediate network.

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