Cliquish Teaches Chicago Content Creators How to Effectively Pitch Brands

More than 50 of Chicago’s most promising women content creators joined for Cliquish’s latest event, “Life’s A Pitch” at The Robey Chicago!

This high energy event boasted, networking, a workshop dedicated to teaching the in’s and out’s of pitching, as well as a powerful panel from Chicago PR pro’s Hannah Kaul, Jessica Griffin and Megha Hamal. Adorned and executed beautifully were delicious food, fun photo-ops and a beautiful venue at The Robey Chicago!


“Authenticity, credibility and trust (ACT) are the hallmarks of a brand. To spread your influence, always be authentic in what you promote & sell, out of your authenticity comes credibility for your brand. And, eventually, credibility leads to trust from your customers & clients.” — Megha Hamal, Founder & CEO, Megha Hamal PR & Branding, LLC


“Influencers need to remember to be consistent in their branding, their values, and what they can offer to their audience — while staying authentic to who they are and genuine in what they believe in.”- Kelly Nash, Panelist; Client Partner at Salesforce and Founder of Lipstick & Ink™


“Success starts with knowing what the objective is.”- Hannah Kaul, Panelist; Manager, Retailer Partnerships at the nations second largest retail real estate company.


“We can tell when you’re not keeping it real.”-Jessica Griffin, Panelist; Public Relations for the worlds second largest fast food chain.

The event was also in partnership with LIMITLESS coffee and tea, a Chicago based packaged coffee and tea company; “LIMITLESS is proud to help power #productivity and fuel the #hustle of women chasing their dreams, #youarelimitless. Thanks for including us in your awesome event, Cliquish!”


“Today is proof that what we’re creating at Cliquish is the access that women content creators have continued to ask the industry for; and we’re here to answer. Unveiling, unmasking and being transparent about what it takes to succeed. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.” — Taylar Barrington-Booker, Founder and CEO of Cliquish

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