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Niche Masterclass w/ Tanya Silverstein


Objective 1: Overview of Intro to Niche

Objective 2: How to Define you Niche Subject (NEW)

Objective 3: How to Define your Niche Audience (NEW)

Objective 4: How to Craft you Niche Elevator Pitch (NEW)

Objective 5: Clarifying Pitches by Leveraging Niche (NEW)

Objective 6: Class Hot-seats and Q&A’s (NEW)

In our Built to Create Niche course, we learned intro to niche and now we’re pretty clear what it is by definition. If you missed it, you can find it in your members dashboard! 

In our upcoming Member’s Masterclass on NICHE we will go deeper and focus on ways you can apply niche to your personal platforms. Expect to learn exactly how to define your niche subject and make it crystal clear, along with crafting a detailed description of your niche audience so you never have to guess who your target demographic is - again! Then, we’ll help you fuse these two together into what we’re calling a niche-centered elevator pitch! We’ll then talk about why NICHE is important to brands, and how you can begin to leverage your niche to CLOSE THE BRAND DEAL. Finally, we’ll finish off the masterclass with some exciting surprise hot seats, where a select few of the class attendees will have a chance to get 1-on-1 feedback from Tanya Silverstein while also helping out fellow community members! 

We invite you to  join us on Wednesday, September 25th @ 7pm CST, where seasoned influencer marketing expert and talent negotiator Tanya Silverstein will walk us through how to make niche your strongest marketing and growth hack!