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Pitching Brands Masterclass w/ Majesty Acheampong Members Only


Intro to Pitching OVERVIEW
Objective 1: Brand Pitching Readiness
Objective 2: Pitching Tools and Assets
Objective 3: Identifying Unique Positioning for Pitches 
Objective 4: Searching For Brand Contacts 
Objective 5: Outreach Emails and Communication Channels
Objective 6: Reverse Pitching for Inbound Inquiries

In our Built to Create Intro to Pitching course, we learned all about intro to niche and now we’re pretty clear what it is by definition, if we’re ready to do it, and what makes us valuable in the process. If you missed it, you can find it in your members dashboard! 

In our upcoming Member’s Masterclass which is our PITCHING MASTERCLASS we will dive deeper and now take you step-by-step into the pitching process. In this class you can expect to learn what tools and assets you need to pitch brands, curate your unique position for pitches, learn techniques to find and search for brands, learn how to craft a perfect outreach email and even how to reverse pitch “trade-for-product” requests! We’ve teamed up again with Content Creator and Blogger Coach Majesty Acheampong, who’s worked with brands like Coca-Cola, Rent the Runway, Lancome, Givenchy, Pantene, and Marc Jacobs to teach you exactly how it’s done! We’ll finish off the masterclass with a Q&A! 

We invite you to  join us on Tuesday, October 29th @ 7pm CST, where Majesty will walk us through how to pitch your heart out!

This course is a members-only course for the Cliquish Membership Club.