Karsen Murray,


Having trouble coming up with a social media strategy that creates a committed community and captions that convert - I've got your back. Let's get you creating, batching, and scheduling *the right* content and speaking to your ideal audience in their language so they stick around for more. Work smarter, not harder - am I right?

Hola! I’m Karsen. Best known on the 'gram for my healthy social media practices and deep love for educating as well as supporting women business owners and gals like you. Marketing (and popcorn) is my love language, specifically copywriting (think newsletters, sales funnels, Instagram captions, etc), with a passion for Pinterest and, everyone’s favorite, Instagram. As a gal who works heavily in the digital marketing space, I’m sure to keep up with the ever-changing trends like it’s my dang job – that’s a nod to you, algorithm. As far as my work goes, I currently operate alongside a handful of amazing women business owners, aiding them in all their marketing needs. In my spare time, you can find me teaching and empowering bloggers, side-hustlers, and the everyday gal the latest Pinterest and Instagram marketing tips and tricks so they can intentionally pursue their dreams and get results. I’m a big believer that your business or dream is worth the hype, and I’m here to help you create just that through coaching. Grab your favorite snack because we’re about to have some fun.